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Am I Buying Quality Emu Oil?

There are many companies selling emu oil along with many prices.  How do i know what kind of emu oil am i purchasing?

The American Emu Association has established Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade Rules a few years ago.  Read about it here on my website:  http://www.morningstaremu.com/aboutemuoil/emuoilresearch.html

When purchasing, look for the AEA logo:  http://www.morningstaremu.com/aboutemuoil.html  This will show you that the facility where the emu oil was refined followed those trade rules and was certified.  More information is on the AEA website: http://aea-emu.org/resources . Check out those prices…?!?!?!?!  Sadly, they are not current.  That’s for sure! 

I want you to know that the EMU INDUSTRY IS GROWING.  The the supply of emu oil is less than the demand.  Prices for bulk emu oil to use along with the birds i raise has risen 48% in the past year and 65% in the past two years.   I will be raising more birds this year!

Instead of raising the prices for Vitality Emu Oil products this year, i have not given out many sales and discounts.  The new pricing is in effect for the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases this year BUT i have put everything on sale just a little.  Then in Dec 2011 / Jan 2012, the new pricing will be in effect on my website, too. 

Always feel free to call me with questions or comments about the Emu Industry or the Vitality Emu Oil products.

Enjoy Soft & Silky and Young & Healthy Skin!


Emu Oil has two natural properties to soothe painful sunburns and to help speed up the healing process.  It is naturally anti-inflammatory and transdermal absorbing quickly into the skin to reduce the pain, redness and swelling.  And of course, Emu Oil has no added ingredients nor fragrances to irritate skin sensitive people.  It can be used on anyone’s skin to include babies.

Connie, from Grand Forks, ND, recently called to order more Vitality Hand & Body Lotion for a sunburn she got over the weekend. She stated it is the first thing she goes to take care of her skin.   Even though the Hand & Body works great for her, i reminded her of the Pure Emu Oil and the Extra Strength Skin Care Lotion.  They would work faster for burns because of the concentration of emu oil in the product. 

For more information about Emu Oil and Sunburns:  http://www.morningstaremu.com/emutotallyuseablebird/emuoil.html

To buy Vitality Emu Oil Products in Grand Forks, you have many choices of stores.  Many stores in various states carry my display unit and products, too.  click on this link to view them: http://www.morningstaremu.com/localstores.html

My sister, Cindy, added a great comment on Facebook. 

EMU OIL AND SUNBURNS – Cindy DeVries posted toJoAnna Stinar
How would my kids survive summer with out Aunt JoAnna’s emu oil!!!! Yep forgot sunscreen; cody and i were burnt. but by morning it was fine. I put the oil on then the cream over that and cody didn’t look like he was burnt at all by morning!!!

And of course i use for myself.  I’ve been using it on my face – especially my cheeks and nose – so i don’t burn while working outside.  I haven’t burnt yet and i’m tanning nicely. (no, only a farmer’s tan.  no time for the whole body to color….. lol.) 

Always feel free to contact me with questions about Emu Oil and skin troubles.  701-865-4274, 218-779-3759, jstinar@polarcomm.com , jstinar4274@gmail.com .





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